swissultra 2017

Go hard or go home! This is the motto of the swissultra 2017. The ultratriathlon family will meet again in Buchs, Switzerland. In 2017, we offer a DECA and a QUINTUPLE ultratriathlon, both in the variants "one per day" (10x1 and 5x1) and "continuous" (1x10 and 1x5)! 


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Participants 2017

Deca Continuous

16. - 31. August 2017

Alberto Cambio (ITA)

David Clamp (GBR)

Steve Harvey (GBR)

Shanda Hill (CAN)

Wayne Kurtz (USA)

Joey Lichter (USA)

Robert Lurz (AUT)

Alois Ruhland (GER)

Rait Ratasepp (EST)

Claire Smith (GBR)

Red Zion (USA)


21. - 31. August 2017

Dominique Benassi (FRA)

Martin Qvist (DEN)

Quintuple Continuous

24. - 31. August 2017

Emmanuel Seloi (FRA)

Quintuple One PER DAY

26. - 31. August 2017

Paw Bjerring (DEN)

Walter Eberle (LIE)

Serge Mortz (FRA)