swissultra 2017

Go hard or go home! This is the motto of the swissultra 2017. The ultratriathlon family will meet again in Buchs, Switzerland. In 2017, we offer a DECA and a QUINTUPLE ultratriathlon, both in the variants "one per day" (10x1 and 5x1) and "continuous" (1x10 and 1x5)! 


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Participants 2017

Deca Continuous

16. - 31. August 2017

Alberto Cambio (ITA)

David Clamp (GBR)

Shanda Hill (CAN)

Wayne Kurtz (USA)

Joey Lichter (USA)

Robert Lurz (AUT)

Alois Ruhland (GER)

Rait Ratasepp (EST)

Claire Smith (GBR)


21. - 31. August 2017

Martin Qvist (DEN)

Jürgen Wetzel (GER)

Quintuple Continuous

24. - 31. August 2017

Emmanuel Seloi (FRA)

Quintuple One PER DAY

26. - 31. August 2017

Walter Eberle (LIE)

Serge Mortz (FRA)

Michelle Echeverria (Red Zion) (USA)