August 15-30, 2018

 Go hard or go home! The ultratriathlon family will meet again in Buchs from mid-August 2018. We offer the following races:


DECA Continuous (10 ultratriathlons at a time: 38 km swim, 1800 km bike und 422 km run; time limit: 345 hours)  

DECA one per day (10 ultratriathlons in 10 days: 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike und 42.2 km run each day) 

QUINTUPLE Continuous (5 ultratriathlons at a time: 19 km swim, 900 km bike und 211 km run; time limit: 153 hours) 

QUINTUPLE one per day (5 ultratriathlons in 5 days: 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike und 42.2 km run each day)

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Teilnehmer / Participants

Deca Continuous / August 15-30, 2018

Deca one per day / August 20-30, 2018

Quintuple Continuous / August 23-30, 2018

Josep Flaqué (CAT)

Serge Mortz (FRA)

Alexandra Meixner (AUT)

Ming-Yi Tsai (TWN)

Quintuple One per day / August 25-30, 2018

Thorsten Eckert (GER)

Eva Hürlimann (SUI)

Claire Smith (GBR)

Roger Stalder (LIE)

Marie Veslestaul (NOR)

Andrea Klein (GER)

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